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Mercedes-Benz C-class W202

Mercedes-Benz W202 — Mercedes-Benz DM car, the first S-class series. The car of the average (D) size came to replacement of W201 or to the 190th Mercedes, the compact car, the first in the history of firm. New Comfortklasse was issued in bodies the sedan (W202) from the 1993rd to the 2000th year and the station wagon (S202) from the 1996th to the 2001st year.

In the history of the car it is conditionally possible to allocate two periods: 1993 — 1997 and 1997 — 2000. In the 1993rd year the buyer had the choice from eight engines of different volume. The diesel OM601 in two P4 versions was the beginning models: C200 of Diesel and C220 of Diesel of 1997 and 2155 cm ³, 74 and 94 h.p., moment of 130 and 150 Nanometers. Headed a diesel row the C250 Diesel model from 2497 cm ³ five-cylinder OM605 (111 h.p. 170 Nanometers). Petrol models had three "fours" of M111: C180 (1799 cm ³, 120 h.p., 170 Nanometers), C200 (1998 cm ³, 134 h.p., 190 Nanometers) and C220 (2199 cm ³, 148 h.p., 210 Nanometers) and a leader of C280 with line six-cylinder M104 (2799 cm ³, 190 h.p., 270 Nanometers). One year prior to release of the S-class there was an event, important for brand — tuning AMG became the official representative of Mercedes-Benz, subsequently created the limited-edition C36 AMG model which had the same M104-y the motor, but with a capacity of 3606 cm ³ (276 h.p., 385 Nanometers.).

In the 1995th year in view of progress in diesel technology, the model range changes. The release of C200 Diesel stops and there is Turbodiesel C250, having the same OM605, but with a turbo-supercharging (148 h.p., 260 Nanometers). A number of petrol engines also suffers changes — larger M111 version with a capacity of 2295 cm ³ and, respectively, the C230 model appears. In the same 1995th year on the S-class Mercedes-Benz the new Kompressor technology (supercharger) for M111 takes root. The first Kompressor C200 models and C230 of Kompressor have the same M111, with identical volumes, but absolutely other technical qualities (respectively 178 and 190 h.p.; 270 and 280 Nanometers).

In the 1996th year in view of replacements the release of C250 Diesel and C220 stops, and the C200 Kompressor car is finished and power grows to 189 h.p. Also there was a S202 station wagon developed on the basis of the sedan, the car was created for the purpose of introduction on the North American market, but at the same time was in great demand and in Europe.

In the 1997th year four new models were presented at once. The Common Rail technology and the C220 CDI model with the OM611 motor of 2151 cm ³ (123 h.p., 300 Nanometers) became a novelty. Same year the new generation of M112 motors with configuration of V6 was presented. For the S-class the engine was presented in two volumes: C240 model (2398 cm ³, 168 h.p., 225 Nanometers) and new leader of C280 (2799 cm ³, 194 h.p., 265 Nanometers). Both models allowed to finish release of C230 (without supercharger) and old C280 with line M104.

AMG in the 1997th year also finishes release of the C36 model, and replaces it with C43 AMG. The car had sports characteristics at the expense of a sports suspension bracket and brakes, but the main thing, stood on it 4266 cm ³ the M113 engine (V8, 301 h.p., 410 Nanometers). Model year 1998 finished replacement of old diesels by Common Rail, the Diesel C220 model was zemenit on C200 CDI. On the car there was the same OM611 motor with the same volume as well as on C220 CDI, but with more modest harasteristika of power (101 h.p., torque of 235 Nanometers).

The small C55 AMG series in the 1999th year when Daimler bought tuning firm became a latest model for the 202nd. The car was equipped with the same M113 m the engine as C43 but with a volume increased to 5439 cm ³, 342 h.p., 510 Nanometers. It was the most expensive and most powerful model of the 202nd series.

In the 2000th year production of the sedan comes to the end. For versatile persons some engines strengthen: C180 (127 h.p., 190 Nanometers), Kompressor C200 (160 h.p., 230 Nanometers), C240 (power former, moment of 240 Nanometers). But in the 2001st year in view of emergence of the new versatile person of the 203rd family the end is put history of the first S-class.