8.1.2. Fuel tank

Petrol engine

M3m1 – the Fuel pump
011. Hose clip
26. Mesh fuel filter
26/1. Sealing ring of round section. Surely replace!
53. A hose for fuel absorption
66. Ventilating hose. Only at the fuel "Pierburg" pump
74. Drain fuel-supply line
75. Fuel tank
75/1. Nut, 40 N. of m.
75/5. The isolating rug. Before installation check it for absence of damage.
75/13. Coupling tape collars
75/14. Screen
75/15. Nut, 20 N. of m.
75/16. Bolt
75/17. Collar of a rubber hose
91. Ventilating pipeline
91/1. Holder
92. Ventilating pipeline

Diesel engine

011. Hose clip
50. Fuel tank
60/3. A clip for a gshlang
60/4. Nut
64/2. Holder
64/3. Ventilating pipeline
64/4. The pipeline for alignment of pressure
69. Inlet fuel hose
70. Drain fuel line
80/2. Coupling collars for fastening of the fuel tank
80/3. Screen
80/4. Nut, 20 N. of m.

The fuel tank is divided into two compartments which are above connected among themselves. In the lower part there is a fuel level sensor and the jet soaking-up pumps. Fuel is sucked away by pumps from the corresponding compartments and moves in the soothing camera which a vvaren in the right office of the fuel tank and serves as the additional fuel tank at the movement on turn and low level of fuel.