Replacement of a nozzle of the pylezaderzhivayushchy filter

The Pylezaderzhivayushchy filter cannot be cleaned. Within maintenance the filter should be replaced every time.

The Pylezaderzhivayushchy filter is installed behind the fan.
1. Remove the ventilating protection cover in the right space for legs, previously turn a fixing spring clip on 1/4 turns.
2. Unscrew and remove the protection cover under glove boxing back.
3. Wring out a spring latch and reject a cover back.
4. Extend the pylezaderzhivayushchy filter (1) in the direction of an arrow down.
5. Insert the new filter.
6. Insert a cover. For this purpose displace in the direction of an arrow both fixing a clip (3).
7. Establish and screw the lower cover of a motor compartment.
8. Install the ventilating protection cover and turn by 90 degrees (1/4 about.) fixing spring clip.