Back lamp


1. Take a floor covering from a luggage carrier.
2. Dismantle an internal upholstery around a back lamp.
3. Remove the shtekkerny socket below on the lamp holder.


40. Shtekkerny socket
41. Lamp holder
42. Nuts
43. Reflector
44. Lamp glass
45. Consolidation

1. Check consolidation for lack of porosity and damages, if necessary replace it.
2. Insert glass of a back lamp together with consolidation outside into a body.
3. Press a reflector and evenly hardly tighten fixing nuts.
4. Insert the lamp holder and record him, rotating the plastic handle to the right.
5. Get the plug on the socket.
6. Mount an internal upholstery.
7. Turn horizontally plastic handle on a back lamp and remove the lamp holder.
8. Unscrew fixing nuts (42).
9. Extract outside glass of a back lamp (44) together with consolidation (43), remove a reflector inside.