8.4.2. Main and average mufflers

Average and main mufflers at the plant are installed in the form of an integral design. The faulty main muffler can be replaced and separately.

If it is necessary to replace the average muffler, then at the installed one-piece final pipeline it is necessary to change also the main muffler. If the main muffler was replaced already once, it is possible to replace the average muffler separately.

1. Sort system of production of exhaust gases, since the average muffler.
2. Lay the new main muffler over old system and note length of pipes on the dismantled system.
3. Install on the final pipeline the second system approximately in 80 mm from marking in the direction of the main muffler.
4. Cut off the final pipeline on the second mark. Attention: length of the inserted part has to make 70–80 mm.
5. Clear an emery cloth the final pipeline and spread the main muffler, previously having pulled over the final pipeline a collar for fastening of pipes.
6. Slightly tighten tightening a bolt, without twisting it hardly.
7. Install system of production of exhaust gases.
8. Level the main muffler across and hardly screw up a fixing bolt.