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12:33. Catchment basin

4. Catchment basin
5. Rubber support of screen wipers
6. Fastening bolt on the right
8. A hose for water discharge
10. The channel for pipelines

4. Catchment basin
7. Air access device clips
9. Spillway
11. Middle part of a partition
12. Collar
13. Bolt
14. Spring clip
15. A support of the operating device
16. Six-sided nut


1. Remove a covering under a windshield.
2. Remove the device of screen wipers.
3. Unscrew two rubber support (5).
4. Disconnect 4 clips (7), unscrew one bolt (6).
5. Disconnect the channel of wires (10).
6. Disconnect a collar (12) fuel-supply lines.
7. Unscrew 4 screws (13), wring out 2 spring clips and remove a middle part of a partition (11).

At installation of a middle part of a partition to pay attention to a rubber tip for bringing heating hose to the former place.

8. Remove a support of the monitor (15) for what unscrew three nuts (16).
9. Take a catchment basin.

When replacing a catchment basin to monitor the correct provision of a spillway and drain hose.


Installation is made in the sequence, the return to removal.