8.6.1. Introduction

1. Lower protection cover of the engine
2. Driveshaft
3. Screen
4. The self-cut screw
5. A bolt with an internal hexagon (replace every time)
6. A washer (replace every time)
7. The self-stopped nut (replace every time)
9. A speedometer shaft (only at type 124). At models of cars of the S-class (type 202) instead of a driving wheel of a speedometer on secondary install to a shaft of the transmission the expansion plug. The speed signal for an electronic speedometer is accepted by the operating ABS system device.
10–17. The holder of the final pipeline (only at type 124)
19. Engine support arm
25, 26. Bolts with a six-sided head
28. Distributive cylinder of coupling
29, 30, 31. Gear shifting fork rods
100. Transmission
200. Tightening nut