3.1.13. Valves


If details of management of the valve are used again, they need to be established on former places. Not to mix a detail, manufacture the panel for their storage.

1. Remove a head of the block of cylinders and put on two wooden supports.
2. Remove camshafts.
3. Remove a dish-shaped pusher.
4. Designate valves before dismantling that at assembly to install them on former places. For this purpose number plates of valves a felt-tip pen.
5. Remove valves by means of the available natyazhitel of springs. At the same time pull springs and remove valve core crackers. Then unclench a spring and take the top plate and a spring of the valve.
6. Remove maslootrazhatelny caps.
7. Take the valve from a head of the block of cylinders towards the combustion chamber.
8. Clean the valve. With the small height of a plate, with the worn-out and scratched core replace valves with the burned plate.
9. In repair shop it is possible to check a valve core for an admissible beating which should not make more than 0,03 mm.

Final valves are filled with sodium. They should not be exposed to the soldering or be used as the working tool (for example as a pusher): danger of explosion!


1. Before assembly of valves check their guides, if necessary – finish saddles of valves.

If the new valve is installed, just in case previously finish a valve saddle.

2. Remove agnails from a valve core on a surface of a prileganiye of details of a rod of the valve.
3. Slightly oil engine a core of the valve and a guide of the valve and insert the valve.
4. Establish a maslootrazhatelny cap.
5. Establish a valve spring.
6. Then install the following valve. At the same time do not mix inlet and final valves.
7. Establish a dish-shaped pusher.
8. Install camshafts.
9. Establish a head of the block of cylinders.