3.2.11. Hydraulic dish-shaped pushers

All diesel engines are equipped with hydraulic dish-shaped pushers. Thanks to it noise in the drive of valves decreases and adjustment of a gap of valves within maintenance is not required.

Check work of hydraulic pushers in case at achievement by the engine of working temperature noise in the drive of valves continues.

1. Pass with the heated-up engine. After achievement continue by cooling liquid of working temperature the movement on 5 km to provide the sufficient temperature of engine oil.
2. If the hydraulic pusher still rustles, stop the engine.
3. Check oil level in the engine: it should not be higher than the mark "max" in the masloizmeritelny probe at all.
4. Remove a cross pipe of the air filter.
5. Uncover a head of the block of cylinders.
6. At control of a dish-shaped pusher of top of cams of inlet and final valves of the corresponding cylinder have to be in the top situation. In this case the corresponding pushers are unloaded. As the unnecessary provorachivaniye of the engine promotes subsidence of an element of compensation of a gap of the valve, it is expedient to begin control with the cylinder standing in ignition VMT.
7. Press a dish-shaped pusher a wooden or plastic core in the direction down and check an air gap. If at the same time the air gap is more than 0,4 mm and the pusher moves down easier, than others, then it should be replaced.
8. Turn the camshaft so that cams of the cylinder which is subject to check were directed up. For this purpose install the transmission on idling, tighten the parking brake and turn a bent shaft for a bolt of fastening of a gear wheel of the camshaft.
9. If when checking the dish-shaped pusher is pressed down easier, than others or if on a circle of a cam there is a gap, check a condition of openings for access and discharge of oil, having sorted a pusher (work for repair shop).
10. In case of need disassemble the camshaft and replace a dish-shaped pusher.
11. Establish a cover of a head of the block of cylinders.
12. Establish a cross pipe of the air filter.