6-cylinder engine


1. Extend the fixing uvula (1) from a ring of a casing of the fan (2). Turn a covering in the direction of the beaten-out arrow "open" and remove, turning a krylchatka of the fan.
2. Weaken a bolt (16) on 1/4–1/2 turns. Turn a nut (5) to the left, thereby weaken a belt and take off it. In addition represented details: 13 – the index of adjustment, the shooter – the second division.

1. The pulling roller
2. Belt pulley of a bent shaft
3. The cooling compressor (conditioner)
5. Fan
7. Air pump
8. Generator
9. The directing roller
10. Pump of the amplifier of steering
11. Pump of cooling liquid
Length: 2337 mm or 2440 mm (with the conditioner)

1. Check a profile of belt pulleys and the pulling device for absence of damage and pollution, in case of need clean or replace. At the same time pay attention to the beaten-out places of a support of the pulling device and a hole on belt pulleys.
2. Replace maple ridge belts with deposits of dirt between the edges weakened by edges, cracks, a fringe and broken by ribs surely.
3. Impose maple a belt, since the pulling roller, according to the sequence of numbering in the drawing.
4. Establish the index of adjustment on marking (1).
5. Turn a tension nut (5) to the right until the index of adjustment (13) coincides with marking (2).
6. Tighten a bolt (16) with m 75 N.' moment.
7. Visually check landing of a belt on belt pulleys.
8. Establish a fan casing ring, turn and record.