3.1.6. Covers of cast openings


Cast openings are located sideways the engine block. They are connected with channels of cooling liquid and closed by tin covers. If at low temperatures liquid freezes, the tin cover is squeezed out. Damage of the block of the engine is so prevented. Untight covers for cast openings need to be replaced.

1. Dismantle unit details which interfere with access to the corresponding cover of cast openings.
2. Install the screw-driver or a narrow chisel on edge of a cover.
3. Carefully drive in inside a locking cover (121) on the one hand until it does not turn on 90 °.
4. Extend the turned cover by means of a pipe key.
5. Carefully clear a cast opening of deposits. The sealing surface (arrow) has to be cleared of deposits.
6. Cover a sealing surface with sealant (for example, Loctite N241 or Curil).
7. Drive a new locking cover the suitable probe. Let's harden to sealant according to the instruction of the manufacturer (about 45 min.).
8. Establish the dismantled parts of the unit.
9. Fill in cooling liquid.
10. Warm up the engine, check the level of cooling liquid and tightness of covers of cast openings.