Visual control of tightness

The following places of leaks are possible:

 – the place of separation between the block of cylinders of the engine and the transmission (consolidation flywheel / consolidation of a shaft of the transmission);
 – the driveshaft at the check point;
 – carving stopper of an oil-filling opening;
 – carving stopper of a drain opening.

By search of the place of leak arrive as follows:
1. Clear the transmission case a low-temperature cleaner.
2. Check oil level. For this purpose unscrew a carving stopper of an oil-filling opening (1). Level of oil has to reach bottom edge of a bulk opening, if necessary add gearbox oil.
3. Hardly tighten a carving stopper of an oil-filling opening with m at most 60 N.' moment.
4. Raise dust on alleged places of leaks lime or powder of talc.
5. Carry out a trial trip. That oil became easily fluid, it is necessary to go on the high-speed route to distance about higher than 30 km.
6. Then raise the car and examine the transmission by means of a lamp for the purpose of oil leak detection.
7. Urgently liquidate places of leaks.