3.1.17. Maple belt

1. The pulling roller
2. Belt pulley of a bent shaft
3. A belt pulley of the cooling compressor (only with the conditioner)
4. Belt pulley of the generator of three-phase current
5. Belt pulley of the pump of the amplifier of steering
6. Belt pulley of the pump of cooling liquid
Lengths: 2040 mm and 2140 mm (with the conditioner)

1. Support
2. The pulling sleeve
3. The pulling roller
4. External bolt of E10

All additional units of the engine are put in action by means of a maple ridge belt. It is wider, than usual maple a belt, and has many edges on inside.

The automatic pulling device provides a uniform tension of a maple ridge belt for an appreciable length of time.

The belt needs to be checked within regular maintenance for damages. Depending on the car equipment maple belts have various length.


1. Remove the hydraulic coupling of the fan.
2. Get a key with a nozzle for E10 bolt on the pulling roller and weaken a belt (11) turn clockwise.


1. Check a profile of belt pulleys and the pulling device on absence of damage and pollution, in case of need clean or replace. At the same time pay attention to the beaten-out installation sites of support of the device of a tension and a hole on belt pulleys.
2. Surely replace maple ridge belts with adjournment of dirt between edges, cracks, a fringe and the broken edges.
3. Impose maple a belt, since the pulling roller, according to digital designations in the drawing.
4. Release the pulling roller (see the drawing). Marking (V) has to is only in working area (A). If it does not occur, then or the belt has inappropriate length, or the pulling device is faulty.
5. Visually check landing of a belt on belt pulleys.
6. Install the hydraulic coupling of the fan.