3.1.18. Diagnostics of malfunctions (DB)

If the engine is not started, it is necessary to define a cause of defect. That it in general could be started, two main prerequisites have to be carried out: fuel-air mix has to reach the cylinder and between electrodes of candles have to slip ignition sparks. Therefore, first of all, always check fuel access.

To define whether there is an ignition spark, separately unscrew spark plugs, insert into the plug of spark plugs and you hold opposite to "mass" of the motor block. At the same time you do not hold barehanded the plug of a candle or a wire of ignition, and use well isolated pincers. Check contact of "weight". Ask the assistant to start the engine.


To avoid damage of the catalyst, at the same time there should not be a gasoline injection.

Keep in mind indications for safety measures for electronic ignition and the device of injection.

The engine is badly started or not started in general
Service error at start Press a coupling pedal, include ignition, without giving gas. Turn a key in the lock of ignition and put a starter in action. As soon as the engine is started, release a key. Surely at once move a little, and at a hard frost warm up the engine about 30 sec. If the engine is not started after numerous attempts of start, despite separate ignitions, once again start with completely pressed accelerator pedal. Attention! Frequent ineffectual attempts of start one by one can do harm to the catalyst since not burned down gasoline gets into the catalyst and burns down with explosion. At the hot engine during start press an accelerator pedal slowly.
The fuel system is faulty, polluted Check fuel system.
The injecting device is faulty Check the injection device according to diagnostics of malfunctions.
Too slowly the starter rotates Charge the rechargeable battery. Check an electric chain of a starter.
Too low pressure of a compression Repair the engine.
Wrong phases of gas distribution, lengthening of a chain of management Check gas distribution phases, replace a chain of management.
Sealing laying of a head of the block of cylinders is faulty Replace the condensing laying.