3.2.12. Valves

2,0 l engine



If details of control of the valve are used again, they need to be established on former places. To avoid confusion of details, manufacture the panel for their storage.


1. Remove a head of the block of cylinders and put on wooden levels so that valves were supported from below.
2. Remove maslootrazhatelny caps.
3. Cast away a head of the block of cylinders aside and take valves from guides.
4. Clean valves.
5. Valves with the burned-through plates, with too small height (h) of a plate of the valve, the worn-out or scratched cores it is necessary to replace. Extreme value (h) see in the table the Sizes of valves.
6. The repair shop can check a valve core for a beating and make completion of a corner of a basic surface of the valve. Maximum beating of a core of the valve and saddle of the valve: 0,03 mm.


At any operations on processing of valves it must be kept in mind that the plate corner of the valve makes and = 45 ° + 15 °.

Instruction: the core and a rod of the valve for the 2,2/2,5 l engines have 3 ring bores.


1. Before installation of the valve check guides of the valve and, if necessary, finish a valve saddle.
2. Smooth out a valve core in the place of a prileganiye of details of a rod.
3. Slightly grease a core of the valve and a guide of the valve with engine oil and install the valve.
4. Establish new maslootrazhatelny caps.
5. Establish a valve spring.
6. Install all other valves, do not mix inlet and final valves.
7. Establish a dish-shaped pusher.
8. Establish a head of the block of cylinders.

Sizes of valves
2,0 l engines
D = 37,9 – 38,1 mm
D = 34,9 – 35,1 mm
D1 = 7,97 – 7,955 mm
D1 = 8,960 – 8,945 mm
L = 106,4 mm
L = 106,4 mm
h (new) = 1,75 – 2,05 mm
h (new) = 1,75 – 2,05 mm
h (предельн.) = 1,6 mm
h (предельн.) = 1,6 mm
2,2 / 2,5 l engines
D = 29 mm
D = 26 mm
D1 = 6 mm
D1 = 6 mm