12:29. Mercedes front grille / emblem

The front grille is inserted in front into a frame of a cowl of the engine and screwed. The emblem of Mercedes gains a foothold further behind in the varnished area of a cowl of the engine.


1. Unscrew bolts (shooters) and remove in the direction a radiator covering forward.
2. Dismantle Mercedes emblem. For this purpose pull strongly from below a spring bracket a pipe key in the direction down, turn approximately on 90 ° (1/4 turns) to the left and record the ends of a bracket in the grooves provided for them. Then extend Mercedes emblem from an engine cowl up.


1. Establish a front grille and screw up.
2. Insert from above Mercedes emblem, pull a pipe key a spring bracket down and turn on 90 ° to the right.