12:19. Internal covering of the S-rack

1. Covering
2. Hooks
3. The holding clips
4. Plug-in clip
5. The shelf for hats
6. Bolt
7. Detail of fastening of a seat belt


1. Disconnect regional protection in the field of an oblivka (1).
2. Wring out the plastic clip two hooks (3) from the holding clips.
3. Wring out a covering (1) from the back top holding clips for what press a covering to the middle.
4. Take a covering (1) from a plug-in clip (4) and uvulas (arrow) in a regiment for hats forward. If dismantle of all covering completely is necessary, in addition remove a back bench.
5. Unscrew a bolt (6) from a detail of fastening of a back seat belt (7) and extend a belt from a covering.


1. Lay a tape of a seat belt and tighten with the moment 35 N. of m a bolt in an element of fastening of a belt.
2. Further installation happens as it should be, the return to removal.