12:11. Glass of a forward door


Some instructions on work are in more detail stated in subsection 13.8., therefore we recommend to re-read this section. For a window of a back door act as appropriate.


1. Remove an internal covering of a door.
2. Carefully remove the pressurizing film in the lower area.

The film is easily torn.

3. Completely lower glass down.
4. Wring out the internal sealing tire of a window from a doorframe a wide plastic wedge up. At the same time dispose an assembly wedge perhaps closer to the holding clips. Clips remain on a door.
5. In the same way wring out the external sealing tire okna.17. Slightly Raise a window up. Turn off in front a nut from the tire of a window regulator and disconnect the window regulator lever.
6. Extract glass, rejecting forward, up from a doorway.


1. Insert glass from above into a doorway and carefully lower down.
2. Advance glass from below up and insert into the directing tire and crackers.
3. Insert the forward lever of a window regulator into the lifting tire and screw up, without tightening. The nut drags on only after door glass adjustment.
4. Insert sealing tires in front into a doorframe.
5. Adjust door glass.
6. Attach the pressurizing film, having tracked that there were no folds.

Do not damage a film – it has to provide faultless sealing.

7. Establish an internal covering of a door.