1.8.3. Installation of the lever of the choice (DB)

The lever of the choice it is possible to adapt automatic switching by a specific mode of work.

Р – parking blocking – an additional measure when leaving the car, is possible only at the standing car.

R – the reverse gear – to establish only at the standing car.

N – idling. There is no energy supply from the engine on a back axis.

At the released brakes the car is mobile: he can be pushed, towed, pushed. It is impossible to establish N during a trip (otherwise the car can bring. For example in ice).

D – movement. All transfers on hand. At the normal mode D gives optimum conditions of a trip.

З – switching only to 3 transfers. Is suitable for driving on long differences of the average steepness. Since the transmission does not switch further 3 transfers, also brakes can be used here.

2 – switching only to 2 transfers. For trips around abrupt mountains, around mountains with the trailer, at severe conditions of work, and also for braking by the engine.