2.5.1. Engine and system of production of exhaust gases

The following items on maintenance according to its plan have to be implemented.

•• Engine: replacement of oil and filter.

•• Engine: visual check on lack of leak of oil.

•• Engine: check of level of oil.

•• Klinova ridge belt: check of a state.

•• Spark plugs: replacement.

•• Cable of the lever mechanism: grease all spherical heads and Bowden's cables and check their ease of the course.

•• Cooling system and system of heating: check the liquid level, concentration of antifreeze. Visual check on lack of leaks and external pollution of a radiator. Replace cooling liquid.

•• Conditioner: check coolant level.

•• Fuel filter: replace.

•• The air cleaner with the dry filtering element: replace the filtering element.

•• System of production of exhaust gases: visual check on absence of damage.