3.1.4. Cars with the conditioner


It is impossible to open a contour of circulation of cooling liquid of the conditioner. Cooling liquid contains substances which at contact with skin cause a frostbite. The engine can also be dismantled, without opening a contour of circulation of cooling liquid.

1. Take off maple a ridge belt.
2. Unscrew the compressor of cooling (arrow) and hang sideways with the connected wires a wire.
3. Sort system of production of exhaust gases.
4. Merge cooling liquid from the motor block.
5. Unscrew the driveshaft from the transmission and wring out. Weaken bolts of fastening of a cardan shaft / intermediate laying, weaken a tightening nut and remove the driveshaft back as it is possible further.
6. Bring a repair jack with wooden intermediate laying under the transmission. Slightly raise the transmission.
7. Remove a back arm (12) with the bearing (18). For this purpose unscrew bolts (14 and 15), and also a nut (16) (see the drawing.).
Disconnect a wire of "weight" (11) between the transmission and a body. *

8. If you separate the engine from the transmission, remove a starter.
9. Disconnect switching levers from the transmission. For this purpose remove the fixing spring clips (shooters).
10. Automatic transmission: remove the plug of the switch of blocking of start and a lamp of a backing, for this purpose turn a white plastic stopper on the switch approximately on 45 °, disconnect electrical wire from the magnetic Kickdown valve. *
11. If you separate the engine from the transmission, unscrew the lower connecting bolts the engine / transmission.
12. Pick up the engine a cable. For this purpose pass a suitable cable or a chain in eyes (arrows). By means of a repair jack slightly raise the engine.
13. Unscrew bolts with an internal hexagon (shooter) of forward support of the engine from below from a car frame cross-piece. In the drawing the bolt of the right support is represented.
14. Unscrew the top bolts connecting the engine to the transmission.
15. Wring out the engine the mounting lever from the transmission and raise.
16. Turn the engine with the transmission obliquely and lift. Adhere to position of the engine obliquely to the check point in the course of their rise, the maximum tilt angle 45 °.


Lift system very carefully not to damage a body. At the same time especially you watch back eyes of the engine and the filter of engine oil. Besides, check a detachment of all communications.

17. If the engine / transmission are dismantled together, then separate the transmission.