Check of level of oil


The engine should not spend oils more than 1,0 l for 1000 km of a run. The bigger expense is a sign of wear of maslootrazhatelny caps of cores of valves and / or piston rings or oil consolidations.

At measurement of level of oil the car has to stand on a horizontal surface.

The engine has to be heated-up up to the working temperature.

After a stop of the engine wait not less than 3 minutes in order that oil gathered in the oil pallet.

1. Extend the index of level of oil (1) and wipe it with a pure rag.
2. Enter a measuring core against the stop into the directing tube and again extend it. Level of oil has to be between both marking marks.


Add new oil only if the level of oil approaches the mark "min". Oil volume from "min" to the mark "max" makes about 2,0 l.

Oil is added in a lock (2) covers of a head of the block of cylinders. At a dolivka apply the corresponding grade of oil, do not apply oil additives.