11:16. Stoplight switch

The switch of a stoplight is from above a brake pedal at the pedal block.

24. Brake pedal
S9. Stoplight switch


1. Switch off ignition.
2. Remove the left covering under the dashboard.
3. Disconnect the wire plug from the stoplight switch.
4. Press a clamp (S9b), turn the switch and take.


1. Extend against the stop a pin of switching (S9a) on the new switch. At the same time the maximum way of a pin turns out (and).
2. Completely press a brake pedal. Install the switch and turn so that the clamp (S9b) entered gearing.
3. Release a brake pedal, at the same time the way of a pin of the switch self-regulates.
4. Put on the wire plug the stoplight switch.
5. Establish a covering under the dashboard.
6. Check whether stoplights light up by small pressing a brake pedal.

Check the stoplight switch.