Replacement of spark plugs

The required special tool:

 – a mandrel of face wrenches for spark plugs, for example, HAZET 2776.

The following quickly wearing out details have to be bought:

 – 4 or 6 corresponding spark plugs.
1. Remove spark plugs.
2. Measure by the probe gap size between electrodes (2). Preset value: 0,8 mm. At new spark plugs, as a rule, the gap between electrodes is adjusted correctly.
3. For regulation of a gap between contacts turn in a side electrode (1). For this purpose there is a simple, practical tool (3), at its absence knock with the hammer sideways in the direction of a side electrode.
4. When bending support by the small screw-driver a candle carving fillet, not on the central electrode (4) at all, otherwise this electrode is damaged.
5. Establish spark plugs.