2,2 / 2,5 l engine

Camshafts are located in a separate case in a head of the block of cylinders. The bearings of inlet and final camshafts which are opposite to each other have the general cover which covers both camshafts. Thus, both camshafts always understand together.


Bolts of camshafts


1. Uncover a head of the block of cylinders.
2. Install the piston of the first cylinder in ignition VMT. For this purpose transfer the transmission to idling and turn a bent shaft clockwise by means of the asterisk attached by the central bolt of a belt pulley to a bent shaft. Turn a bent shaft until the tag "FROM" on a belt pulley is not under the index (shooter).


Do not rotate the engine in the opposite direction. Do not turn a shaft for a bolt of fastening of a distributive gear wheel at all.

3. In this situation it is necessary to insert the fixing pin or other suitable core with a diameter of 6,75 mm into an opening of a gear wheel of the inlet camshaft (2) through a cover of the first bearing of camshafts or turn a bent shaft on a whole revolution and insert a core.
4. Designate relatively each other the provision of a distributive gear wheel and the operating chain by means of a varnish or штихеля, previously having wiped with a rag this place on a chain gear wheel.
5. Remove a natyazhitel of a chain.
6. Unscrew bolts of fastening and remove a gear wheel of the final camshaft. The key with a face nozzle the T40 size is necessary for unscrewing of bolts.

The chain of management has to remain in gearing with gear wheels of a bent shaft and the fuel pump. Otherwise gas distribution phases will change that can result in malfunctions in the engine.

7. Put the operating chain aside and attach a wire to a head of the block of cylinders.
8. Number in the order of a cover of bearings of camshafts that at the subsequent installation to establish them on the former place.
9. 2,5 l engine: unscrew covers of bearings of camshafts.

Camshafts are very fragile. Not to damage them, strictly observe a dismantling order: at first unscrew all bolts of bearings 1, 3, 4 and 6 (arrow). Then alternately turn off bolts of both covers of bearings 2 and 5 (respectively on 1/2 turns), counteraction will not disappear yet (see rice. Bolts of camshafts).

10. 2,2 l engine: at first unscrew covers of bearings 1, 3 and 5. Then step by step weaken bolts of covers of bearings 2 and 4 (respectively on 1/2 turns), counteraction will not disappear yet.
11. If it is necessary, take dish-shaped pushers and examine on external damages (existence of scratches), if necessary, replace. For a pusher pulling in a workshop the siphon pusher which in house conditions can be made of a sucker of a wall hook is used.


When replacing the camshaft use a shaft with the same index. The index is beaten out near the average bearing.

1. Carefully clear camshafts and covers of bearings flushing gasoline and oil engine. If pushers were dismantled, oil them and establish in a head of the block of cylinders in the same situation, as before dismantling.
2. Check washers for axial fixing of the camshaft in flutes of the average bearing, in case of need replace.
3. Oil camshafts engine and insert into a head of the block of cylinders, at the same time both openings (3) (d = 1,5 mm) have to be in distributive gear wheels opposite to each other. In such situation it is possible to establish also a core.
4. Establish covers of bearings of camshafts according to their numbering and evenly, as it should be, the return to dismantle, tighten with the moment 15 N. of m.
5. Insert a core into a flange of the inlet camshaft.
6. Install a chain wheel of camshafts with the chain imposed on it on the final camshaft and twirl a new bolt with the moment 20 N. of m. The tags applied on the operating chain and a chain wheel have to coincide.

Remove a core from a chain wheel.

7. Establish a natyazhitel of a chain with a new sealing ring.
8. Establish a cover of a head of the block of cylinders and complete the engine.