12:27. Internal wing of the car


1. Note paint the provision of a forward wheel in relation to a nave. As a result the balanced wheel can be mounted in the same position. Weaken wheel bolts at the car standing on the earth. Raise the car in front and remove a forward wheel.
2. Weaken plastic nuts and bolts on noted places and take an internal wing.
3. Weaken nuts and bolts on the forward air duct and remove details.


1. Check sealing rubber for durability of installation and damage, in case of need replace.
2. Establish and fix by detail bolts. In case of need at adjustment of a detail look on a niche of other forward wheel as details have to settle down.
3. Establish a forward wheel so that the markings put at removal coincided. Fasten a wheel. Lower the car and fix wheel bolts cross-wise with m 110 N.' moment.