Check of level of oil in differential

Oil level in differential needs to be checked only if in this zone at visual check thinnesses were found. It is not necessary to change oil in differential of the back bridge.

1. Carry out a short-term trial trip in order that oil in differential reached working temperature.
2. Raise the car in the horizontal plane.
3. Unscrew a carving stopper of an oil-filling opening (the right arrow) by means of a wrench on 14 for bolts with six-sided deepening, for example, of HAZET 2760. Carving stopper of a drain opening (left arrow).
4. If a small amount of oil acts, it corresponds to normal level. Otherwise check a finger whether oil level reaches bottom edge of an opening. If is not present, add oil by means of a manual butterdish.

In case of rather big leak of oil define its reasons and eliminate malfunction.

Specification of oil: gearbox oil for gipoidny transfers of the SAE 90 brand. At the same time apply only the oil resolved by Mercedes (it is specified on a manual butterdish).

For cars with automatically blocked differential (the index is on a cover of the back bridge) apply only special SAE 90 gearbox oil to the blocked differentials.

Gearbox oil is viscous therefore do not pour it at once too much. Respectively wait a pause and substitute a vessel for catching of the poured oil.

5. Screw with the moment 50 N. of m a carving stopper of an oil-filling opening.