3.2.19. Diagnostics of malfunctions (DD)

If the engine is not started, then it is necessary to localize malfunction. For rotation of the engine a number of conditions has to be executed: lack of mistakes in driving; the fuelled fuel tank; normally working starter.

Bad start of the engine or it is not started at all
Errors of management at start
Start of the cold engine Include ignition, the control lamp will not go out yet. At once after the control lamp will go out, start the engine.
Start of the engine which is warmed up up to the working temperature The preliminary warming up is not required, the engine is started at once.
The device of a preliminary warming up does not work The control lamp of a preliminary warming up does not burn Check a control lamp, glow plugs and the relay of a preliminary warming up.
The lamp of a preliminary incandescence burns Switch off ignition. Disconnect 2 wires of candles of an incandescence for cylinders 2-4, include ignition; if the control lamp burns, then check the relay of a preliminary warming up and replace in case of need.
The fuel system is faulty Fuel does not arrive Fuel-supply lines (hoses of absorption, recirculation, injection) are bent, littered, untight. The fuel filter is littered.
The moment of the beginning of access of fuel is displaced Check the moment of the beginning of intake of fuel, adjust it.
The nozzle is faulty Check nozzles
The fuel pump is faulty All cylinders work at the same time Replace the fuel pump.
The starter rotates too slowly Charge the battery. Check an electric chain of a starter.
Too low compression Repair the engine.
Sealing laying of a head of the block of cylinders is faulty Replace laying.