3.2.7. Camshaft

The cam-shaft is removed upward at the established head of the block of cylinders.

If details of gas distribution are used again, they need to be established on former places. To avoid confusion, it is necessary to make a special box for their storage.


1. Disconnect a wire of "weight" (–) from the accumulator.

At the same time the anticreeping code of radio is erased.

2. Remove a cross pipe of the air filter.
3. Unscrew a cover of a head of the block of cylinders.
4. Install the engine in the top dead point of ignition. For this purpose it is necessary to scroll the engine, markings on a case of a cam-shaft and a belt pulley of the crankshaft will not coincide yet. Instruction: the top dead point (TDP) is the highest situation which is reached by the piston at the movement in the cylinder. At the same time it is necessary to distinguish a dead point of ignition after which the piston compresses the soaked-up air, and just top dead point after which the piston pushes out combustion gases.
5. Install the transmission in the provision of idling and by means of the asterisk strengthened by the central bolt of a belt pulley of the crankshaft turn the crankshaft in the direction of rotation of the engine, i.e. clockwise. Turn until marking of "O. T." (VMT) on a belt pulley is not established under the index.

Do not rotate the engine in the opposite direction. Do not turn it for a bolt of fastening of a gear wheel of a cam-shaft at all.

6. At the same time markings (arrow) on a flange of a cam-shaft and on a cover of the first bearing have to coincide. If these markings did not coincide, it is necessary to turn the crankshaft on one whole revolution.
7. Remove a natyazhitel of a chain.
8. Cars with height regulator: unscrew the delivery oil pump and together with the connected hoses put aside. Remove a sealing ring of round section and a drive plate.

Do not weaken both bolts with an internal hexagon for fastening of a cover. These bolts have a through carving which is visible between a cover and a case.

9. Designate the provision of a distributive gear wheel and chain of management relatively each other by means of a varnish or штихеля, previously having wiped with a rag this place on a chain and a gear wheel of a cam-shaft.
10. Record a cam-shaft gear wheel for what insert into one of openings in a gear wheel the probe or the big screw-driver.
11. Unscrew a fastening bolt, remove a distributive gear wheel. In cars with adjustment of height Take a flood sleeve.

The operating chain has to remain further in gearing with gear wheels of the crankshaft and fuel pump. Otherwise gas distribution phases will change that can result in malfunction of the engine.

12. Put the operating chain aside and attach a wire to a head of the block of cylinders.
13. Note a varnish the provision of covers of bearings of a cam-shaft.
14. Unscrew covers of bearings of a cam-shaft.


To avoid damages of a cam-shaft, it is necessary to observe the sequence of unscrewing strictly.

15. At first unscrew both bolts on bearings of the camshaft 1, 3 and 5 (white shooters). Then weaken both bolts of covers of bearings 2 and 4 serially and gradually (respectively on 1/2 turns and on one turn), counteraction (black shooters) will not be removed yet.
16. Take a cam-shaft up.
17. Take a washer (shooter) for axial fixing of a cam-shaft from a head of the block of cylinders and check its state, in case of need replace.
18. Extend a dish-shaped pusher by means of a rubber siphon (d of 30 mm), for example, of HAZET 735-2.


Do not use a magnetic siphon for this operation: at the same time the surfaces of sliding of a pusher are magnetized, and subsequently on them the smallest metal shaving can be besieged that will lead to damage of pushers and cams. The siphon can be made independently, using a household wall hook and a sucker.

Before extraction carefully clear a pusher surface.


Establish only a cam-shaft with the 13 index. The index is beaten out near a tag for designation of provision of VMT on a cam-shaft flange.

1. Carefully clear a cam-shaft and covers of bearings flushing gasoline and oil, clear surfaces of a prileganiye of sealing laying.
2. Enter a washer for axial fixing of a cam-shaft into a flute of a head of the block of cylinders.


If the new cam-shaft is established or the head of the block of cylinders was processed, then after fastening by bolts of covers of bearings it is necessary to check a cam-shaft for smoothness of rotation.

3. Oil a new cam-shaft engine and insert into a head of the block of cylinders.

Dish-shaped pushers remain dismantled.

4. Establish covers of bearings of a cam-shaft according to the given designations and evenly screw up with the moment 25 N. of m. At the same time rotate a cam-shaft.
5. For rotation of a cam-shaft instead of a bolt of fastening screw in a bolt with an internal hexagon of M 10x30 (01).
6. If the cam-shaft rotates hard, separately weaken bolts of covers of bearings, the place of jamming will not be found yet.
7. Remove a cam-shaft and measure the place of landing of this bearing. Diameter of a basic neck: 30,934–30,950 mm.
8. If the former camshaft is mounted, then it should be checked for a beating.
9. Oil dish-shaped pushers engine and establish.

Establish pushers on the same places, as before dismantling.

10. Grease a cam-shaft and put in a head of the block of cylinders so that marking of VMT (shooter) was directed vertically up. At the same time pay attention to durability of landing of an axial lock washer.
11. Establish covers of bearings 2 and 4 and fix slightly by bolts manually. Then serially twirl consistently fastening bolts on one turn and, at last, tighten with the moment 25 N. of m.
12. Other covers of bearings can be established in any sequence. Inhaling moment: 25 N. of m.
13. Unscrew a camshaft gear wheel from a head of the block of cylinders and so establish the operating chain that the put markings coincided.
14. Put on a distributive gear wheel a camshaft flange. Align a distributive gear wheel by means of an adjusting pin.
15. In cars with adjustment of height grease and establish a flood sleeve.
16. Twirl a distributive gear wheel with 25 N.' moment of m and, at last, tighten a bolt Rozhkov a key on 90 ° (1/4 turns). When tightening a distributive gear wheel use the screw-driver or the probe as a countersupport.
17. Establish a natyazhitel of a chain.
18. Install the delivery oil pump if it was dismantled, and screw on a flange with the moment 10 N. of m, previously having established a drive plate and the new condensing ring of round section.
19. Install the engine in VMT of ignition and check coincidence of markings on a belt pulley of a bent shaft and a flange of the camshaft (arrow).
20. Establish a cover of a head of the block of cylinders and twirl its bolts of fastening with m 10 N.' moment. Before it check sealing laying for existence of damages and in case of need replace.
21. Establish a cross pipe of the air filter.
22. Connect a wire of "mass" of the accumulator (–).
23. Expose time on hours.
24. Set an anticreeping code of radio.
25. Warm up the engine and check tightness of a cover of a head of the block of cylinders.