Check of seat belts


Noise which arise when winding a tape of a seat belt are caused by functioning of the device. At emergence of the disturbing noise it is possible to replace a seat belt only. Do not apply oil or lubricant to elimination of noise at all. The mechanism of an automatic pulling of seat belts as at the same time previously tense spring can jump out should not collapse. There is a danger of a trauma!

1. Completely extend a seat belt and check his tape for lack of the disheveled fibers.
2. Damages can arise, for example, because of a clip of a seat belt or because of the burning cigarettes. In this case replace a seat belt. If there are polished places without signs of a rastrepyvaniye of fibers, the seat belt can be not replaced.
3. Check hard moving seat belt for twisting, if necessary remove a covering from an average rack.
4. If any more the mechanism of automatic retraction of seat belts does not function, then replace a belt.

Clear tapes of seat belts only soap and water, do not apply solvents or chemical cleaners at all.