Diagnostics of malfunctions of the rechargeable battery

Too low level of electrolyte
Recharge. Evaporation (especially in the summer) Add the distilled water to the ordered level (for the charged rechargeable battery).
Electrolyte acts from a ventilating cover
Too high charge voltage Check tension regulator, if necessary replace it.
Too high level of electrolyte Suck away excess amount of electrolyte densimetry with a pipette.
Too low density of electrolyte
Electrolyte density in one cell it is accurate below, than in other cells Short circuit in a cell. Replace or restore the rechargeable battery.
Electrolyte density in two next cells it is obvious below, than in other cells The partition is untight, there is a carrying-out connection between cells owing to what cells are discharged. Restore the rechargeable battery.
The rechargeable battery is discharged Charge the rechargeable battery.
The generator is faulty Check the generator, if necessary repair or replace.
Short circuit in electric network Check electric system.
Electrolyte is diluted with water owing to a mistake at maintenance of the accumulator Modify composition of electrolyte.
Too high density of electrolyte
Electrolyte was added Modify composition of electrolyte.
Too low set power, falls tension
The rechargeable battery is discharged Recharge the rechargeable battery.
Too low voltage of charging Check tension regulator, if necessary replace it.
Connecting plugs are weakened or oxidized Clear connecting plugs and slightly grease, especially lower party, with acidproof protective lubricant, tighten fastening screws.
Bad connections on the case of the rechargeable battery – the body engine Check connections (plug) for the case, if necessary restore metal connections or hardly delay screw connections.
Too big self-discharge of the rechargeable battery because of electrolyte pollution Replace the rechargeable battery.
Perhaps, prosulfatirovana of a plate of the rechargeable battery (a gray-white raid on positive and negative plates) Charge the rechargeable battery with small current slowly to remove a raid. If after repeated charging and a discharge the set power remains too low, replace the battery.
The battery plate is worn-out, the active mass of plates fell off Replace the rechargeable battery.
Insufficient charge at the rechargeable battery
Malfunction in the generator, the regulator of a tension or linear connections Check the generator and the regulator of a tension, repair or replace; fix normally wires.
The belt is weakened maple Tighten or replace maple a belt.
Too many consumers of current are connected Install more powerful rechargeable battery; perhaps, use also more powerful generator.