12.3. Back door


1. Completely lower door glass down.
2. Open a forward door and at the closed back door unscrew hinged bolts (1).
3. Wring out a protective sleeve (2) from a door pillar a plastic key (to disconnect spring clips).
4. Extend a stopper (4) of tetrahedral shtekkerny connection a suitable hook.
5. Open a back door.
6. Remove sealing laying (6) of a door brake and unscrew the screw (5).
7. Take a door from hinges together with the assistant up. At the same time disconnect shtekkerny connection from a door rack, trying not to damage a varnish covering.


1. Insert a door from above into hinges, at the same time connect shtekkerny connection and latch a stopper (4), having pressured him.
2. Fix in spring clips a protective sleeve (2).
3. Screw a door brake a bolt (5) on a door pillar with m 25 N.' moment.
4. Establish covering (6).
5. If necessary adjust a door, then screw up hinged bolts (1) with m 35 N.' moment.