The thermal sensor of the soaked-up air

The thermal sensor takes temperature of the soaked-up air. This size together with a signal of the sensor of pressure of the inlet gas pipeline serves as a measure of amount of the soaked-up air for the actuation device. The thermal sensor of the soaked-up air is the NTC resistor (NTC = negative temperature coefficient) which resistance decreases at temperature increase.

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Remove the thermal sensor together with the plug (B17x1), for this purpose squeeze both side fixing a clip (1).


1. Disconnect the plug.
2. Check an ohmmeter thermal sensor resistance at various temperatures. The measured size as it should be if it is in admission limits + 5% (see the table Thermal Sensor Resistance).
3. If at measurements the thermal sensor does not reach preset values, then it should be replaced.


1. Spread the cable plug (socket).
2. Check a sealing ring of a round profile for defects or porosity, if necessary replace it.
3. Insert the thermal sensor together with a sealing ring of a round profile.
4. Squeeze out the fixing clips outside until it distinctly (aurally) is recorded.

Thermal sensor resistance

20 °C
9670 Ohm
30 °C
6060 Ohm
40 °C
3900 Ohm
50 °C
2600 Ohm
60 °C
1760 Ohm
70 °C
1220 Ohm
80 °C
860 Ohm
90 °C
620 Ohm
100 °C
185 Ohm