2,2 / 2,5 l engine

The high consumption of oil is an indicator of wear of maslootrazhatelny caps. Caps can be removed also at the established head of the block of cylinders. But compressed air and a lever pusher with the basic device, for example, of Mercedes-111 589 015 900, 111 589 186 100, 605 589 006 300 and 604 589 006 300 is for this purpose necessary. If there are no such tools, when replacing caps it is necessary to remove a head of the block of cylinders.



If details of control of the valve are reused, they need to be established on former places. To avoid confusion, manufacture the special panel for their storage.

1. Remove camshafts.
2. Remove a case of camshafts.
3. Remove nozzles.
4. Remove a cover for a set of wires of the engine at a forward wall of a body.
5. Screw a basic partition with a mobile detail of a lever pusher on a head of the block of cylinders. For this purpose it is possible to use bolts of a case of camshafts (M7x42).
6. By means of a wrench with a nozzle install the piston of the corresponding cylinder in the provision of VMT. 4-cylinder engine: at situation in VMT of a belt pulley pistons of cylinders 1 and 4 stand in VMT. At coincidence 180 ° tags of a belt pulley with a tag on a case are in the provision of VMT pistons of cylinders 3 and 4.
7. 5-cylinder engine: at the provision of VMT of a belt pulley in a dead point there is a cylinder 1 piston. After turn of a bent shaft on a corner 144 °, respectively, in VMT the piston of the following cylinder in the sequence is installed (1–2–4–5–3).
Instruction: it is possible to apply, for example, on a belt pulley four additional tags, respectively at distance 72 °. After replacement of maslootrazhatelny caps of the 1st cylinder rotate the crankshaft until the tag 2 becomes opposite to a mark in a case. At the same time the piston of the cylinder 2 will be installed in VMT. Replace maslootrazhatelny caps of the 2nd cylinder. After that scroll the engine to a mark (4). Now in VMT there will be a piston of the 4th cylinder. Thus it is possible to install consistently pistons in VMT.
8. The provision of VMT of the corresponding cylinder can be established also by means of an electrode wire. For this purpose pass an electrode wire throughout a cylinder 2 nozzle opening (the piston of the cylinder 2 is with VMT). With the assistant slowly scroll the crankshaft in the direction of its rotation and you monitor the provision of a wire in the course of rotation. As soon as the wire reaches the highest position, the piston is installed in VMT.

At rotation of a bent shaft highly you hold a chain of management that did not jam it.

9. Hang a lever pusher (9).
10. Stop a bent shaft for what establish the first transfer and tighten the parking brake.
11. In the camera of compression of the cylinder create excessive pressure at least 5 bars (about 5 atm.). For this purpose twist a subconnecting hose (4) devices of control of tightness of the cylinder with a connecting detail of Mercedes-604 589 006300 in the precamera (a nozzle opening).
12. Through a hose of compressed air support constantly in the cylinder excessive pressure, at least, 5 bars.
13. Establish a press detail (5) of a lever pusher (9) on a plate of a valvate spring. Orient press and mobile details in parallel each other. Record a mobile detail a bolt (8).
14. Remove a valve spring.

Do not remove a valvate spring without use of compressed air, otherwise there can be damages of the valve and the piston.

15. Remove from a core of the valve of a detail of a rod of the valve (14) by means of tweezers or a magnet.
16. Take a plate of the valve (15) and a spring of the valve (17).
17. Remove a maslootrazhatelny cap from a core of the valve (16) by means of a special grip (03), for example, of HAZET 791-6.


Do not damage a core of the valve and a guide of the valve!

18. Remove the lower spring plate (20) and check for absence of damage, if necessary, replace.
19. If it is necessary, smooth out a core flute a fine-grained emery cloth.
20. Check wear of the directing valves in the field of a prileganiye of caps to them. If dense landing of maslootrazhatelny caps is not provided, it is necessary to replace their guides (work for repair shop).


1. Replace new the pressed details of a rod of the valve and a plate of a valve spring.
2. Valve guides with the loosened rings on maslootrazhatelny caps need replacement (work for repair shop).
3. Oil a cap (16) of a core of the valve and manually insert by means of an assembly mandrel (04).
4. Establish a spring and a plate of the valve and squeeze a valve spring.
5. Establish details of a rod of the valve and unclench a valvate spring.
6. In the same way replace caps on cores of other valves.
7. Lower compressed air.
8. Install camshafts.
9. Establish nozzles.
10. Establish a case of camshafts.
11. Fix a cover of wires of the engine on a forward wall of a body.