Reductions in electrical circuitries

AV – Inflatable safety cushion

ABS – Antiblocking device of the brake system

AG – Automatic transmission

AKR – System of anti-detonation regulation

ARA – Inclusion of system of the anti-returnable movement

ARF – Recirculation of exhaust gases

ASD – Automatically blocked differential

ASR – System of regulation of slipping of driving wheels of rather basic surface

VAE – The car stop block the passenger sitting near the driver

CAN – Control of the surface of the road

EAG – System of electronic control by the automatic transmission

EDW – System of the precautionary alarm system about hacking of the anti-theft device

EFP – Electronic pedal of an accelerator

ERE – Electronic system of consecutive injection of fuel

ESV – Electric system of regulation of provision of a seat

EVE – Electronic distributive system of injection of fuel

FAN – Ruporny signaling device

FSA – Intercom

GUS – System of a tension of seat belts

GES – The signal having high-speed value

HAU – System of automatic heating

HFM – Engine management by means of the regulator on the principle of a hot film

IFZ – System of infrared remote central control of locks of doors

KAT – Catalyst

KFB – System of comfortable management

KI – The combined device

KLA – System of automatic conditioning

LL – The car with a left-side arrangement of steering

LLR – System of regulation of frequency of rotation of an axis of the engine in the idling mode

MG – Mechanical transmission

MRA – Device of use of residual heat of the engine

PMS – Electronic pneumatic control system of injection and ignition of gasoline of Bosch

RL – The car with a right-hand arrangement of steering

SHD – The shifted and lifted body roof panel

SIH – Obogrev of a seat

SRA – System of cleaning of headlights

SRS – System of laying and tension of seat belts

STH – Heating of a body at the idle engine a heater of independent action

TAU – System of automatic control of temperature

TEL – Phone

TRM – Tempomat

ZV – System of locks of doors with the central management

Additional reductions speak in explanations to the scheme of connections.

Color code of wires / cross section of wires

gr = nf
gray natural
vi = ws
violet white

Letters on separate wires indicate their coloring.

At two-color wires of a letter before a virgule point to the main to coloring of a wire, and behind it – to striped coloring. Coloring of a wire is faced by the cross section (wire thickness) in quarter mm.

Example: 0,75 sw/rt mean: it is black / a red wire with the cross section of 0,75 mm of quarter.

Arrangement of points of weight on the car case

W1 – bulk (behind the dashboard)

W6 – the mass of a luggage carrier (rotation of a wheel at the left)

W7 – the mass of a luggage carrier (rotation of a wheel on the right)

W7/1 – the mass of a luggage carrier (a dimensional lamp on the right)

W10 – the mass of the rechargeable battery

W11 – the mass of the engine, USA

W11/1 – the mass of the engine

W14 – the mass of the holder of the hydraulic block

W16/3 – the mass of a motor compartment at the left, specific weight

W16/4 – the mass of a motor compartment on the right, specific weight

W16/5 – the mass of a motor compartment at the left, the mass of the electronic block

W16/6 – the mass of a motor compartment on the right, the mass of the electronic block

W18 – the mass of a cross-piece of a frame/seat ahead at the left

W19 – the mass of a cross frame / seat ahead on the right

W26 – the mass of the actuation device of a tension of seat belts (an inflatable safety cushion)

W29/2 – the mass of the A-rack, on the right

W31 – a flexible crossing point between the case and the antenna