4.9. Diagnostics of malfunctions in an oil circulation contour

Low pressure of oil after start of the engine Very hot oil Not to take into account if pressure of oil is normalized after pressing an aselerator pedal.
Too low pressure of oil at small turns of the engine The oil reducing valve closes abroach because of pollution Sort and check the valve.
Too low pressure of oil at normal turns of the engine It is not enough oil in the engine Add oil.
The filter of the soaking-up cap is polluted Disassemble the oil pallet. Clean the soaking-up filter.
The tube of absorption of oil departed or is broken Disassemble the oil pallet, check an oil absorption tube.
Wear of the oil pump Remove the oil pump and check it, replace in case of need.
Damage of the bearing Disassemble the engine and repair it.
The alarm lamp of level of oil burns Too low level of oil Add engine oil.
The electric chain is broken, the monitor is faulty Eliminate a rupture of an electrochain, check contact of the plug, in case of need replace the operating electronics in the dashboard.