1.4. Doors

Opening of doors

Outside: To pull for the handle (1).

From within: To pull for the handle (4) on a door covering.

Short circuit and otmykaniye of doors

Outside: To turn a key.

From within: For short circuit to press a safety pin down.

For an otmykaniye to pull for the handle 4 on a door upholstery.

2. Otmykaniye.

3. Short circuit can not happen:

  – if the door of the driver is open;
  – if some door is not densely closed. In this case, it is necessary to open a door again, and then to close.

Children's door safety locks (back doors)

To install the safety regulator (for example, an automatic key).

1. The regulator is not installed.

2. The regulator is installed and the closed door cannot be open from within any more. At not closed door (the safety pin up) a door can be opened outside.