1.16.6. Body

Winter – not the best season for the car, especially at movement on the streets which are plentifully salted. During this period the body in the maximum degree is exposed to corrosion, and its anticorrosive processing is very desirable. However, according to employees some authorized service centers, for a number of new foreign cars, especially – with a galvanized body, factory processing is quite enough. But if at you, say, new Skoda (not to mention domestic cars), then experts recommend to carry out full anticorrosive processing of the bottom, wheel arches and the hidden cavities of a body.

Also installation of flaps will be useful.

The cost of a complex of these services averages $250–300 and depends, generally on a type of the applied protective medicines. Them much now is presented at our market. But first of all it is worth paying, probably, attention to those which are applied in the countries with the climate similar to ours. It can be the Finnish Mercasol AL with aluminum additives, the Swedish Noxudol on the metallized basis, the Canadian Rust stop or Tektyl.

Anticorrosive processing demands strict observance of technology and though practically all producers of protective materials let out them in packing for household application, after all it is more preferable to make processing in the specialized service center. It is worth finding out in advance on what technology it is made. Anyway before drawing a sheeting on the bottom and arches the car has to be cleared of dirt, is washed up and dried carefully up.

As an anticorrosive mixture you do processing for several years, it is better to stay for a while near the car and to observe personally this process.

Winter – hard test and for a paint and varnish covering of a body. Sharp differences of temperatures, snow mixed up with salt, an ice crust – all this leads to emergence of microcracks on paint. It is possible to protect a surface of a body the special structure suitable for use at low temperatures, for example, of Plus Teflon or Color Magic. Processing carry out by these medicines approximately once a month – after obligatory washing of the car and its drying.

The question of where to hold the car in the winter, actually usually is not necessary – those who have a garage, keep it in a garage, those at whom is not present – on the street. Strangely enough, from the point of view of safety of a body (from corrosion, not from theft), between trips and it is one night better to leave the car on the street – at a cold body process of corrosion goes more slowly. In a cold garage of heat generated by the car is enough for that to warm it a little, and the melted snow with salt some time actively do the dirty deed. Well, and in a warm garage even if you carefully washed the car from salt from below, it will stand all night long wet...