Storage of the rechargeable battery

Rechargeable batteries which long were not used, discharged independently and, besides, of their plate can be prosulfatirovana. If these batteries are charged by means of the fast-charger, then they do not absorb charging current or because of a so-called superficial charge are too early "completely loaded". They seem faulty. But before considering these rechargeable batteries faulty, they should be checked.

Check electrolyte density. If in all cells density of electrolyte differs among themselves no more than on 0,04 g/ml, then this rechargeable battery can be charged with the standard charger.

If density in one or two next cells deviates more considerably (more than 0,04 g/ml), then the rechargeable battery has internal short circuit and is faulty.

After charging test the rechargeable battery under loading. If it does not reach preset values, then it is faulty.

To prevent aging of the rechargeable battery, it is necessary to recharge the stored battery each three months.