12.9. Glass of a forward window


1. Check the assembly provision of glass at its easy opening. The gap from above has to be uniform, from below glass has to enter the directing tire, otherwise adjust.
2. Remove an internal covering of a door.
3. Carefully remove the pressurizing film in the lower area.

The film is easily torn.

4. Lower glass of a door window down while the bolt is in an assembly opening. Weaken a bolt, without turning off it.
5. Insert from above glass into the back tire of a window, at the same time correct glass down or up, tighten a bolt.
6. By means of the handle, lowering and lifting glass, check ease of its movement.
7. Attach the pressurizing film without folds. Attention: the film should not be damaged and has to provide faultless tightness.
8. Establish an internal covering of a door.