11.8. Forward brake disk


1. Unscrew a support of a forward wheel and suspend on independently made hook from a wire that the brake hose did not break draft.

Not to disconnect a brake hose, otherwise it is necessary to delete air from the brake system.

2. Unscrew a bolt of fastening (64) by means of a face key and remove a brake disk (61) from a nave of a wheel (69) and tightening plugs (63).


1. To provide identical braking on both sides, both brake disks have to have equally ground surface and height of microroughnesses of this surface. Check thickness of brake disks / a side beating.
2. Check landing durability on a support of a wheel of a brake guard. In case of need tighten bolts.
3. If there is a rust on a flange of a brake disk and a nave of a forward wheel, remove it with a wire brush or an emery paper. Cover landing of a nave of a wheel with a thin layer of high-temperature lubricant, for example, of Molykote-Paste "U", Molykote-Paste G Rapid, Liqui-Moly-Paste 36 that the brake disk at the subsequent dismantle easily was removed.
4. Clear new brake disks nitrosolvent of a protective varnish. Brake disks can also be cleared and degreased a vapor jet under high pressure.
5. Get a brake disk on a nave of a forward wheel, paying attention to durability of landing of protective plugs. Twirl a new bolt of fastening with the moment of an inhaling of 10 N. of m.
6. Establish a support.