1.1. General information

Workplace of the driver

1. Side ventilating deflector
2. Deflector regulator
3. Switch of light of headlights
4. Regulator of a tilt angle of headlights
5. Lever of the emergency brake
6. Regulator of a steering wheel
7. The lever of the fixing cowl lock
8. The combined switch
9. Cruise control
10. Signal
11. Dashboard
12. Ignition lock
13. Average ventilating deflector
14. Deflector regulator
15. Glove compartment
16. Heating of back glass
17. Head restraints of back seats
18. The switch of the movement of driving with antisliding chains
19. Central lock
20. Alarm system
21. Blind of a back window
22. Panel of system of heating or conditioner or automatic air conditioning system
23. Radio tape recorder
24. The place for cartridges
25. An ashtray with the lighter or the place for connection of external consumers of food
26. The place for points
27. Buttons of management of window regulators
28. Buttons of management of heating of seats
29. Regulator of provision of a mirror

Symbols of control bulbs

Driving beam is turned on

The turn on the trailer is included. The warning bulbs (at the working engine have to go out)

The accumulator is not charged

Brakes are worn-out

Too low level of brake fluid

Oil level in the engine too low

Level of cooling liquid too low

Hindrances of automatic blocking differential

Too low water level for a sink of a windshield and headlights

Hindrances in anti-blocking system (ABS)

The airbag of safety (AIRBAG) is damaged


1. Temperature of cooling liquid
2. A fuel reserve with a control lamp
3. Temperature of external air
4/10. Signaling devices of inclusion of the left and right indexes of turn
5. Dashboard illumination
6. Control lamp of automatic blocking of differential or traction control system
7. Speedometer
8. Counter of a daily run
9. The general counter of the passable way
11. The handle for adjustment of hours
12. Tachometer
13. Hours
14. Range of the high (not recommended) engine turns

To get and kill the engine

Before start be convinced that the parking brake is installed.

The transmission switch on idling (at the automatic transmission the lever in situation P or N).

To turn a key in the steering lock in situation 2.

The control bulb of the accumulator has to light up.

Cold engine

To turn a key in the steering lock to the right against the stop and at once to release if in the engine the correct ignition.

During a zavodka not to touch a pedal of an accelerator.

Warm engine

To turn a key in the lock against the stop to the right. Not to touch a pedal of an accelerator. If the engine was not started in 4 seconds, to press a pedal of an accelerator and further to get ignition will not grab yet. To release a key and a pedal of an accelerator.

At too high temperature of cooling liquid time of a zavodka can be truncated if slowly to press the accelerator pedal from the beginning of a zavodka.

To muffle

To turn a key in the lock in situation O and at once at the standing car to pull out. At very high temperature of cooling liquid, for example after a trip in mountains not to suppress the engine at once, and to allow to idle about 1 minute.


Owing to the built-in blocking of repeated launch of the car before new start-up it is necessary to turn a key in the steering lock back in situation "O". Right after start to check oil pressure. At strongly cooled engine it is possible to observe right after start rise in pressure of oil for some time. Any high turns, normal indications of pressure of oil will not be established yet.

The control lamp of the accumulator has to go out as soon as the engine starts working.

The car with the catalyst

In the area where temperature often falls below -25 °C we recommend to install the device for heating of cooling liquid (visit the Mercedes-Benz service).