Hatch lubricant

Necessary special tool:

 – two aligning bolts which can be made independently by the sizes specified in the drawing;
 – special pincers or similar tool.

Necessary quickly consumable materials:

 – antifrictional Megsedes-Benz paste 001 989 1451 or similar.
1. Open on 3/4 hatch.
2. Unhook in front from spring clips a covering of the shifted body roof panel.
3. Completely open the hatch.
4. Take a hatch covering up.
5. Unscrew screws with crosswise shliyets (arrow) and remove the directing level.
6. Close the hatch.
7. Unscrew nuts (arrow) at the left and on the right.
8. Take the hatch up.
9. Blow compressed air a spillway from above to the left and on the right up.
10. Check floating blocks for absence of damage, if necessary replace them.
11. Clear floating blocks and grease them with antifrictional paste.
12. Clear the directing levels, grease a working surface.
13. Insert the aligning bolts (shooter) at the left and on the right into the aligning opening.
14. Insert from above the hatch. Spread nuts, without tightening them hardly.
15. By means of the special pincers represented in the drawing previously clamp the hatch and then hardly tighten nuts.
16. Open the hatch.
17. Screw the directing level.
18. Insert and record spring clips a hatch covering.