3.1.14. The directing valves

In the course of repair work on a head of the block of cylinders with untight valves of processing or replacement of the valve and a saddle of the valve insufficiently. It is necessary to check wear of the directing valves.

It is especially important to check engines with the long term of operation.

Worn-out guides of valves do not provide a tsentrichnost of a saddle of the valve and conduct to the raised oil consumption. If wear is too big, replace valve guides (work for repair shop).
1. Remove the valve.
2. Clean a guide of the valve (1/2) a cylindrical brush (diameter about 20 mm).
3. Insert the valve from the combustion chamber into a guide and check a gap side movement of the gate backwards-forward. At the same time the noticeable gap should not be felt. (1 – a guide for the final valve, 2 – a guide for the inlet valve, and – a spring lock ring.)
4. If necessary replace guides of valves (work for repair shop).