2.1. In 12 months or 15 000 km of a run

•• Engine: replacement of oil and filter.

•• Cooling system and system of heating: check of level of liquid, check of concentration of antifreeze. Visual control of tightness and external pollution of a radiator.

•• Klinova ridge belt: check of a state.

•• Spark plugs: replacement.

•• Draft of management of gas and cable of the lever mechanism: lubricant, check on ease of the course and wear.

•• Engine: visual control on lack of leak of oil.

•• System of production of exhaust gases: visual control on absence of damage.

•• Conditioner: check of level of cooling liquid.

Transmission, main transfer:

•• Hinged protective covers: check on lack of leaks and damages.

•• Mechanical transmission and differential: visual survey on lack of leaks.