6.5. Heating service device

1. Button of management of amount of air
2. Button of management of air distribution
3. Sheeting
4. Six-sided nut
5. Screws
7. Fixing a vystpa
N18/3. Service device
S3. Switch of amount of air


1. Remove the radio receiver.
2. Remove service buttons.
3. Unscrew a six-sided nut (4) and screws (5).
4. Negative wire of the rechargeable battery and "mass" wire of the engine.
5. Release the monitor, having unscrewed two screws.
6. Remove the wire socket located from the back party for the switch of amount of air (S3).
7. In case of need remove the switch of amount of air. For this purpose wring out the screw-driver the fixing ledge and turn the switch of amount of air to the left.


Installation happens in the sequence, the return to removal.