13.2.1. General information

Signaling devices, device of illumination of symbols and internal lighting: check their functioning.

Check external lighting, if necessary adjust headlights.

Check a sound signal.

Check rubber brushes of screen wipers for wear.

Windscreen washer: check functioning, check the provision of a nozzle, check windscreen washer of headlights.

Check regulations of a tilt angle of an optical axis of headlights.

All consumers of current: check their functioning.

Replace rubber brushes of screen wipers of a windshield.

Rubber brushes of screen wipers of headlights: check a state.

Clean a telescopic core of the antenna.

Check of functioning of signaling devices / external lighting


1. Include ignition (turn the ignition key in situation "2").
2. Light signaling devices approximately for 30 seconds and then extinguish. Check whether all lamps according to equipment of the car light up.
3. The signaling device of system of laying and a tension of seat belts (an inflatable safety cushion) has to go out no later than approximately in 4 seconds.
4. Turn on driving beam, put the blinking light-signal device in action and check signaling devices.


1. Check for damage and penetration of water of glass of signaling devices of forward and back lighting.
2. Include external lighting and check its functioning.

Check of regulation of a tilt angle of an optical axis of headlights

1. Start the engine and leave it to idle.
2. Turn on passing beam.
3. Establish in various provisions the regulator (proofreader) of a tilt angle of an optical axis of headlights and check whether both light bunches of headlights at the same time move.

Cleaning of a telescopic core of the antenna

Necessary high-wear parts: the clearing cloth fabric to the telescopic antenna.

1. Extend the antenna or put forward it, having turned on the radio receiver.
2. Clear a telescopic core the clearing cloth fabric.
3. Push the antenna, or by means of switching off of the receiver force it to move automatically.
4. Repeat this operation several times.
5. Then dry wipe a telescopic core a pure rag.