13.1.22. Screen wiper and its engine


1. Put windscreen washer and a screen wiper in action and leave to work a screen wiper. Switch off ignition.

At work on a screen wiper Take the ignition key. When moving the lever of a brush or the lever mechanism of a screen wiper, since position "1" of the ignition key, automatic equipment of deduction of brushes in a starting position can turn on. I.e. the screen wiper works in the single mode until it to be in a starting position. There is a danger of a trauma!

2. Remove the plastic protection cover (1) and unscrew a bolt with an internal hexagon (3).
3. Remove the lever (2) from a screen wiper brush up. At the same time hold the screen wiper brush lever on the fastener thanks to what its beating on a windshield is prevented.
4. Remove an inlet opening for air heating.
5. Remove the protection cover under a screen wiper.
6. Unscrew nuts (1) and a bolt (2) to a rubber support. The bolt (2) is established behind a board of a motor compartment and is remote.
7. Remove the multicontact plug from the screen wiper engine.
8. Raise a screen wiper from the place of a support and remove it.
9. Before removal of the engine of a screen wiper note a pencil mutual position of the lever of a brush of a screen wiper and the lever mechanism. Partially details are marked serially.
10. Wring out a crank cheek from a car engine shaft, previously having turned off a nut (1).
11. Unscrew bolts (2), remove the screen wiper engine.



Provide that the engine of a screen wiper was in a starting position. Otherwise connect the multicontact plug. Quickly put the engine of a screen wiper into operation and then switch off by means of its switch. For this purpose quickly include ignition. Then again separate electric connection.

1. Screw the screen wiper engine bolts (2) with m 5 N.' moment.
2. Orient the screen wiper brush lever together with the lever mechanism according to the marking made when dismantling.
3. Implant a crank cheek on a shaft of the engine and thus level that the cheek of a crank (3) formed with the lever mechanism (4) screen wipers one line. Hardly tighten a fixing nut (1) with m 20 N.' moment.
4. Insert a screen wiper into the car and spread the multicontact plug.
5. Spread a rubber support and screw in in it a bolt.
6. Screw a screen wiper.
7. Spread the screen wiper brush lever, screw in a bolt with an internal hexagon and slam a protective cover.
8. Check a measuring template the size of a gap (A) between a driving head of a screen wiper and a windshield. It has to make 5 mm.
9. If this size is not maintained, then, weakening a bolt (2), adjust a gap between a driving head of a screen wiper and a windshield. At the same time take away the lever of a brush of a screen wiper up.
10. Then check the probe a gap (V) between the lever of a screen wiper and its brush. If a gap less than 5 mm, bend a screen wiper brush lever arch in the direction of a windshield until the gap approximately makes slightly more than 5 mm.
11. Install the protection cover for an entrance air opening of system of heating.
12. Close a cowl of the engine and check normal functioning of a screen wiper.
13. Establish a spare wheel and fix by bolts, having tightened them it is insignificant. Lower a wheel. In the diagonal sequence tighten bolts of fastening of a wheel the required moment.