1. Check engine support, hoses of cooling liquid and a masloshlanga, and also fuel-supply lines for porosity, cracks, if necessary – replace.
2. Check radial bearings of the crankshaft and the release bearing of coupling on ease of rotation and which is switching off the lever – for ease of switching, if necessary – replace.
3. Check a drive plate of coupling for the sufficient thickness and a condition of frictional slips.
4. Check forward and back bearings for porosity and absence of damage.
5. If the transmission was dismantled, fasten it to the engine and in common enter into a motor compartment.
6. Very carefully lower the engine at installation in a motor compartment not to damage the leading shaft, coupling and a body.
7. Screw the transmission on an intermediate flange of the engine (see the table the inhaling Moments). At the same time screw a wire of "weight" in the bottom of the transmission at the left.
8. Insert and twirl manually bolts of fastening of forward support of the engine.
9. Fasten back arms of the engine fixing bolts with 40 N.' moment of m and 70 N.' moment of m for fixing nuts.
10. Tighten bolts of forward support of the engine with m 40 N.' moment.
11. Insert the driveshaft into the transmission.
12. Automatic transmission: put on the plug of starting blocking and the switch of a lamp of a backing and record a plastic stopper. Connect an electric wire to the magnetic Kickdown valve.
13. If the engine was dismantled without transmission, then establish a starter.
14. Screw the weights cable from the transmission on a body.
15. Hang levers of switching to the transmission and record clips. Check adjustment.
16. Install system of production of exhaust gases.
17. Conditioner: screw the cooling compressor, mount maple a ridge belt.
18. Establish a radiator.
19. Put on all hoses of cooling liquid and record collars.
20. Install the fan with the hydraulic coupling.
21. Establish the lower covering of a motor compartment.
22. Lower the car on the earth.
23. Screw a recirculation hose and a hose of high pressure of the servo-driver of steering. In cars with adjustment of height screw in addition a hose of high pressure and an oil pipeline for the double-circuit pump. Remove air from the delivery oil pump of the double-circuit pump.
24. Establish a gas cable.
25. Connect fuel-supply lines.
26. Put on all hoses of depression which go to the engine.
27. Establish a cross pipe of the air filter.
28. Install the measuring instrument of mass of air if it was dismantled.
29. Check oil level in the engine and the check point, in case of need add it.
30. Check the content of antifreeze in cooling liquid and add if it is required.
31. Clean an insert of the air filter, if necessary replace and insert into the filter.
32. At first connect a positive wire of the battery (+), then a wire of "weight" (–).
33. Fix by a nakatny nut and a rivet a covering on a forward wall of a body.
34. Bring the engine to working temperature, check the level of cooling liquid and tightness of accession of hoses.
35. Close an engine cowl. For this purpose pull for the lock lever in the hinge of a cowl and slowly lower a cowl, the counter-pressure of springs will not be felt yet and the lock lever will not be fixed.
36. Expose time on hours.
37. Set an anticreeping code for radio.
38. Take readings of memory of errors of the engine.

Inhaling moments

M 10 x 40
55 N of m.
M 10 x 45
55 N of m.
M 10 x 90
45 N of m.