10.6. Power steering pump

In cars with adjustment of a road gleam and (or) with automatic blocking of differential the tandem pump of the hydraulic booster is used. The tank with liquid for a hydraulic system is over the pump. During the work on the hydraulic device it is necessary to observe purity carefully: the slightest pollution in oil can result in malfunctions.


1. If is available, remove the soaking-up air hose on the air filter over the pump of the hydraulic booster.
2. Open a cover of a tank of the hydraulic booster. Select hydraulic oil from a tank the syringe suitable for this purpose.
3. Unscrew an elastic hose of high pressure (29), and also the return branch (28) and stop up places of connection with pure caps. In the pump stop up also a hose of high pressure (27).
4. Press a hose of the return branch (26) a clip suitable for this purpose, for example, a clamp, and unscrew it. Stop up connection with a cap.
5. Release bolts (48) on a belt pulley, but do not unscrew them.
6. Take off maple a ridge belt.
7. Unscrew bolts and remove a pulley.  
8. Unscrew bolts (46), holding the lower bolt from below.
9. Unscrew bolts (46) and remove the pump.


1. Screw the pump on arms.
2. Delay by effort of a hand fastening of a pulley of a belt.
3. Put maple a ridge belt.
4. Tighten 3 bolts of a pulley of a maple belt with m 30 N.' moment.
5. Remove caps and screw gidroprovoda with the moment about 30 N. of m.
6. Fill a tank with oil for a hydraulic system to level about 10 mm from the upper edge. For 1 second start the engine, then stop it. Add oil in a tank, the pump should not suck in air. Correctly establish oil level.
7. Adjustment of a road gleam: Raise the car behind that wheels were not loaded. Start the engine, let's some time to it work, then stop. At the killed engine correctly establish oil level. Then lower the car and load a luggage carrier with freight about 120 kg. Start the engine, establish average turns, during 20 with leave the engine to work. Establish oil level.
8. Put the soaking-up air hose of the air filter. After a trial trip examine tightness of connection on the pump, if necessary, tighten sockets a little.